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The Harrison County Health Department works to prevent disease transmission and protect the quality of surface and ground water by performing inspections, enforcing sewage regulations, and providing education to homeowners.

How To Obtain a Permit To Install Or Alter a Sewage Treatment System

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Who do I need to contact?

  • Certified professional soil scientist or soil classifier
  • Sewage Treatment System Designer
  • Registered Sewage Treatment System Installer

Sewage Treatment System Professionals

Below is a brief description of the sewage treatment system professionals that will be involved in the approval and installation process. Attached at the bottom of this page is a list of certified professional soil scientists or soil classifiers, sewage treatment system designers and registered sewage treatment system installers. Some of the companies provide multiple services. It is important for you to check what services they will be able to provide. The persons and companies listed are not endorsed by the health district. The list is a tool for property owners and, by all means, is not a complete list of all persons and companies who may perform services.

The first step is to have a site and soil evaluation conducted. Site and soil evaluations are required to be conducted by certified professional soil scientists or soil classifiers. Certification ensures that the soil scientists or soil classifiers meet national standards, is a qualified professional, and has field experience.  As the soil is a fundamental and integral part of the of your sewage treatment system, it is important to have a certified individual conduct the evaluation.

Certified professional soil scientists or soil classifiers

The soil scientist or soil classifier will come to the property, evaluate the soil, and provide consultation about where a sewage treatment system can be located. The evaluation will determine the type(s) of soil located on this property and any limiting or restrictive conditions that may exist. This information will be used to determine the type and size of the sewage treatment system, or possibly that the site cannot be approved if conditions exist which prohibit an approvable system being installed.

Sewage treatment system designers

The second step is to contact a designer to create a plan of the proposed system. The design plan will include the topography (i.e. the physical features which the direction of slope, elevations, streams or ditches, etc.) of the site, layout of the sewage treatment system, location of the dwelling and any other buildings, and detailed specifications for the components of the sewage treatment system. This is considered the "blueprint" of the system. There is currently no registration/certification for sewage treatment system designers.

Registered sewage treatment system installers

The Harrison County Health Department registers sewage treatment system installers annually. Registered installers are permitted to install, replace, and alter sewage treatment systems. All registered installers are required to pass an examination on the state-wide sewage code, annually complete continuing education credits, and meet bonding and liability insurance requirements.

Sewage Treatment System Soil Evaluation, Design and Site Review

A site and soil evaluation report completed by a certified professional soil scientist or soil classifier and a system design plan prepared by a person capable of completing the tasks specified in Ohio Administrative Code 3701-29-10(B) must be submitted for review.

Once the soil report and design have been reviewed, a site review must be conducted by the health district. The site review must include a completed application and associated fee.

This information is provided by the Harrison County Health Department to assist property owners in obtaining an installation permit for a sewage treatment system. Permits for household sewage treatment systems are issued by the health district.

Obtaining Permit To Install Or Alter a Sewage Treatment System

Individuals may obtain a Permit to Install or a Permit to Alter a sewage treatment system to serve a single-family dwelling (STS) from the Division of Environmental Health Services after the completion of a site evaluation. After the site evaluation has been approved, the homeowner can complete the septic permit application. Once the permit application and fee have been submitted, the homeowner can obtain their septic permit. The septic permit is good for 1 year from the date it is purchased.

If an application is misplaced or the property has transferred to a new owner, an application can be obtained in person or by contacting the Division of Environmental Health Services. The permit application and fee must be submitted prior to the start of construction of the sewage system. 

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